Zac Efron Workout and Diet for the Movie Neighbors

The Movie Neighbors (release on May 9) is a comedy movie about a couple with a newborn that move next to a fraternity house. They basically have a lot of problems with the new neighbors because they party all the time. Zac Efron play the “president” of the fraternity.

In a recent interview for “Live with Kelly and Michael” Zac Efron talked a little bit about the movie and he said that he needs to do some intense training when doing this kind of movies and that he basically do a Crossfit type of training.

Interviewer: Zac you are very fit. Do you have a workout routine or this is just your body?

Zac Efron: When I am filming quite a bit. I do a lot of Crossfit type of stuff.

Interviewer: Are you the ones that tends to be skinnier or to get bigger?

Zac Efron: I lose weight, I tend to get really skinny.


For that interview he basically said that he has a high metabolism and he loses weight pretty fast if he doesn’t watch out his diet. “oh! It is very easy for him then because he will lose weight and get cut really fast”. There’s where people make the mistake. Let me explain to you:

If you want to be cut and show off your abs, it is not about losing weight, but losing fat. The two is totally opposite and you train very differently.

For the person that just want to lose weight ( Lose weight on the scale ) , you just need to cut your calories and do more cardio. That won’t give you a nice cut body and you won’t even get close to Zac Efron’s body. You will lose weight,  Yes! but you will look flat and with no muscle.

To get Zac’s body you need to balance your meals with high protein consumption,moderate to low carbohydrates and low fat. “Do I need to do cardio?” Yes, but Your focus should be most on your weight training.

I can give you another great example using Taylor Lautner when he played Jacob for the movie Twilight. He worked out for 1 year, 5 days a week and he put on 30 pounds of muscle in a year.

For him to get in that shape it was mostly weight lifting and serious diet. He has a similar body type as Zac Efron (Fast Metabolism and tends to lose weight). To achieve his body he had to eat close to 3.000 calories a day. But don’t think he got a body like that by getting his calories in from pizza and burgers. He said he was eating around 6-7 times a day (meals and snacks), getting his protein intake at every single meal.


In a interview Taylor Lautner talks about his diet and workout regime:


“What I learned is that I need to stay on it. I can never keep it up as long I am filming this franchise (Twilight). Because it’s tough, If you stop at all, it all loses really fast. I learned that it is just as hard to maintain, as it was to put it on the first place.”


Now that you understood a little bit about the mentally of “getting cut”, let’s talk about Zac Efron’s training.

Zac used the crossfit type of training which is kind of a workout where you involve all body parts at the workout. It is different if you are used to workout focusing on a single body part a day. Crossfit is a program to help you improve strength and conditioning and it can be a little brutal if you are just a beginner.

” I am going to quit my gym and find a crossfit facility”, You don’t need to. I will show you simple exercises that you can integrate to your daily exercises.



If you want serious gains in the gym, forget about sitting, chatting and resting too much. Forget about spending hours in the gym and think about hitting your max for a shorter period of time. You should be done in one hour.

You will be doing a circuit training with a non-stop series of exercises.

I would suggest starting with a Heavy exercise and then adding some body weight exercises to complete the circuit.

For example: Bench Press 10 reps at your max, 20 Pull ups and 15 push-ups. That equals to one circuit. You can do many circuits during your whole training.

Visit this link for a list of exercises that you will need to add to your current routine –BURN FAT FAST

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