WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Gives Exclusive First Look at Her Ghostbusters Character in Behind-the-Scenes Clip

Melissa McCarthy is giving a behind-the-scenes look at herGhostbusters character in honor of the original film’s 32nd anniversary today.

It all started on this day back in 1984, when the first Ghostbusters hit theaters – and in the new reboot, the Bridesmaids star is taking over as the heart and soul of the supernatural exterminators.

“My character has really always been a believer. Doesn’t matter if people are making fun of her, which they always have,” McCarthy says in a clip exclusive to PEOPLE.

In the clip, we see McCarthy’s character, Abby Yates, trying to convince a police officer of the imminent threat ghosts are posing to N.Y.C., and she’s met only with wisecracks about Patrick Swayze’sGhost.

But, as Kate McKinnon points out, it’s Yates’ spirit that bonds the group together. “It’s her enthusiasm that keeps everyone moving forward,” she explains.

Kristen Wiig agrees: “She’s the spirit of believing and not caring what people think.” And Leslie Jones adds, “Abby is probably my favorite character because she’s so driven.”

Check out the clip for more with director Paul Feig and more bonus footage from the film.

Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.

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