There’s ‘Not a Scratch’ on ‘Pretty Boy’ Justin Bieber After Cleveland Street Brawl — or So He Says

Beliebers can exhale — the cranky celebrity heartthrob is just fine.

After attending Game 3 of the 2016 NBA Finals in Cleveland on Wednesday night,Justin Bieber got into a pretty epic street brawl outside a Westin hotel. While it’s unclear what led to the battle royale, camera phone footage obtained by TMZ showed the singer, in his free Cleveland Cavaliers T-shirt from the game, getting hit by a man and then hitting back.

His faithful following needn’t worry about his condition, though. In addition to employing bodyguards, who are paid to ensure the Biebs doesn’t get bashed, he must have picked up some tips from his pal Floyd Mayweather because he’s absolutely fine, according to the singer himself.

“Not a scratch on this pretty boy,” he posted on Instagram along with a close-up, shirtless selfie. We don’t see any scratches, but that could be because we can’t take our eyes off his terrifying mustache. (The folically challenged superstar still has the ’stache of a 12-year-old boy. When will the thing fill out?)

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Bieber posted this on Instagram and then deleted it. (Photo: via Instagram)

Overall, the video footage, which also includes this second clip, doesn’t show too much of anything, sadly. While we’re not into fistfights, we are into Bieber going full swagger. There really wasn’t enough of that. We really would have needed him to rip off his shirt and flex his overtattooed arms to be fully satisfied.

But our review of his performance doesn’t really matter when someone like Mayweather has already weighed in. The boxer told TMZ that Bieber “showed he ain’t no b****” during the fight.

Believe it or not, the brawl wasn’t the lowlight of Bieber’s night. According to Yahoo Sports writer Michael Lee, fans booed him mercilessly in the stands.

However, ESPN apparently caught him on camera at the game, and he appeared to be enjoying himself. He danced around a little bit for the crowd — he must have been really excited to get that free T-shirt — and sipped what appeared to be a beer.

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